New Suggested 7/16/2018 by Arnel Aguel



Request for Enhancement: Automatic Reading of Ground Motion Records from PEER Ground Motion Database

I am requesting that Midas Gen be able to read directly the ground motion database from PEER NGA ground Motion Database.

Performance Based Design practitioner using nonlinear response history analysis usually get the ground motion records from PEER since they have huge collections of ground motion database around the world and this is FREE of charge. All CSI products like perform 3D, ETABS and SAP2000 can directly read the format from PEER.

The format is quite different in usual case it has 5 columns of acceleration data read from left to right see attached figure. Using this format in Midas Gen is terribly tedious it is very difficult to convert this into
time-acceleration pair format in two columns.

An improvement to this effect is very necessary for the improvement of Midas Gen capability. I have attached here the user interface from Perform 3D how they layout the parameters to be able to directly read
PEER ground motion database. Here is the link of PEER Ground Motion Database

Your prompt action is very much appreciated.

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