New Suggested 7/16/2018 by Arnel Aguel



Request for Enhancement: Displaying Stresses on Wall Element

One of the requirements of ACI 318-14 when doing elastic analysis is the use of the recommended value of the correct moment of Inertia (Ig) for a member. As mentioned in table that if the wall will crack when using the initial value of 0.7Ig then we have to change the moment of inertia to 0.35Ig to reduce the stiffness due to cracking of the Wall. In order to check whether or not the wall cracks we have to check the wall stresses if it is more than the modulus of rupture fr then the wall cracks.

The output to check stresses on wall element is essential to be able to use the correct stiffness modifier in compliance with ACI requirements hence enhancement to this effect is necessary.

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