Track and Structure Interaction and Sesimic Analysis


I appreciate for your help last time.
I have questions regarding Track-structure Interaction I am currently working on.
First, I have watched a tutorial (by Miss Lee Hae Hyun) and she mentioned that the end result superposition is allowed for the case of the separate model per UCI code. What I understood so far is that combing non-linear analysis results is not permitted. Could you please get me the corresponding article in UIC code?
Secondly, I will need to eventually include seismic effect into the nonlinear model and I like to do response spectrum analysis. With bi-linear springs this non-linearity never kicks in if I do linear analysis such as response spectrum. Is there any way performing multiple modal & response spectrum analyses while updating spring constants?
I can write in Korean and please let me know if you want me do the above questions in Korean.

Answer: Hello User,

Thanks for writing to us.

1) See the below clause taken from UIC 774 code.

2) Elastic link - multi-linear cannot be used with Response spectrum analysis. So the longitudinal multi-li near link will be converted into Elastic link - General type for response spectrum analysis. See the below snapshot from the help manual.

Making multiple models, with two different spring stiffness for RS analysis and combining the results, can be one of the workaround.

kindly reply back if you have any further issues.
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