[RESULTS]     How to view results of Bending Moment Diagram (BMD) in Graphical or Tabular format?

A: All the post processing options are available under Results Menu. The view could be graphical, tabular or detailed member results.

From the main menu select Results > Results > Forces > Beam Diagrams.

The desired internal force components could be separately viewed for beam, plate, truss and wall element.

For more detailed view , i.e, force along the member length, Results > Detail > Beam/Element

To check the internal forces and stresses of beam elements from the analysis results in a spreadsheet format table. From the main menu select Results > Tables > Result Tables > Beam > Force & stress.

Select member you want to see result in tabular format then select load case. In midas results are displayed at 5 points along the length of a member. Choose the required part location.
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