[DESIGN]     What is Strong-Column Weak-Beam Design? How can we do it?

A: Strong–Column Weak-Beam is one of the concept involved in designing Earthquake Resistant Structure

As the name implies, the beams should fail ( or form plastic hinges) prior to the columns. To avoid progressive collapse of a structure due to cascade effect created by column failure in the lower levels, the columns and beams are to be designed as per Strong- Column Weak Beam Design. This helps the structure to dissipate seismic energy better, without total collapse i.e. these plastic hinges formed in the beams, increases the ductility of the structure and hence the structure would be able to undergo large lateral displacements.
As per the Indian code IS:13920, to ensure Strong Column-Weak Beam Design, the moment capacity of the columns have to be greater than the beam moment capacity, to ensure the beams fail first.
For Strong- Column Weak Beam Design, from Main Menu select Design > choose IS 456 > RC Design > Design Code . In the Concrete Design Code dialog box select ‘Apply IS 13920:1993’ check box. This is why first the beams are designed and then the column, so as to ensure that the columns are designed for higher moment than the capacity of beams.The results for design could be viewed in graphical as well as detailed format once the design is performed.
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