License Troubleshooting and Guide Manual

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1. Installation
1.1 System Requirements
1.2 System Recommendations
1.3 Installation Guide
1.3.1 Civil Installation Apply a patch Download
1.3.2 FEA Installation Apply a patch Download
1.3.3 Gen Installation Apply a patch Download
1.3.4 Design+ Installation Apply a patch Download
1.3.5 GTS NX Installation Apply a patch Download
1.3.6 Soilworks Installation Apply a patch Download
1.4 Precautions

2. License type
2.1 Web license
2.1.1 What is a web license
2.1.2 The way to use
2.1.3 Recommended work environment
2.2 Dongle license
2.2.1 What is a Dongle license
2.2.2 The way to use
2.2.3 Recommended work environment

3. License modules & Options per program
3.1 How to check a module and options a license has
3.1.1 For Dongle license users
3.1.2 For Web license users
3.2 Descriptions of options
3.2.1 Civil
3.2.2 FEA
3.2.3 Gen
3.2.4 Design+
3.2.5 GTS NX
3.2.6 Soilworks

4. Authentication
4.1 Civil
4.1.1 A dongle license
4.1.2 A web license
4.2 FEA
4.2.1 A dongle license
4.2.2 A web license
4.3 Gen
4.3.1 A dongle license
4.3.2 A web license
4.4 Design+
4.4.1 A dongle license
4.4.2 A web license
4.5 GTS NX
4.5.1 A dongle license
4.3.2 A web license
4.6 Soilworks
4.6.1 A dongle license
4.6.2 A web license
4.7 How to set up a server for a network dongle

5. Closing a program

6. Real-time usage check
6.1 How to check real-time usage
6.2 Follow up

7. Program version
7.1 How to check a program version 1
7.1.1 Case 1 (For Civil, FEA, Gen, Design+)
7.1.2 Case 2 (For GTSNX, Soilworks)
7.2 How to check a program version 2

8. A trial license

9. Errors
9.1 Error "User ID or P.W is incorrect"
9.1.1 Why the error occurs
9.1.2 Solutions Incorrect ID & Password I don’t know my ID & Password
9.2 Error "PKID is incorrect" & "PKID number does not match"
9.2.1 Why the error occurs
9.2.2 Solutions Incorrect PKID Incorrect Key type (For only dongle users)
9.3 Error "Same user ID is used in another system"
9.3.1 Why the error occurs
9.3.2 Solutions
9.3.3 Recommendations
9.4 Error "You have reached the maximum number of licenses"
9.4.1 Why the error occurs
9.4.2 Solutions
9.5 Inactivation of selecting a PID
9.5.1 Why the error occurs
9.5.2 Solutions
9.6 Inactivation of selecting options
9.6.1 Why the error occurs
9.6.2 Solutions
9.7 Error "License is expired"
9.7.1 Why the error occurs
9.7.2 Solutions
9.7.3 Follow up
9.8 Error "Invalid options"
9.8.1 Why the error occurs
9.8.2 Solutions

10. Initialize a registry
10.1 How to initialize a registry

11. License renewal FAQ
11.1 What benefits is the maintenance included?
11.2 How do I renew my license?
11.3 How to calculate the renewal fee?
11.4 Why does the renewal period cover on yearly basis?
11.5 Can I use my license if I don’t renew my license after the expiration?
11.6 Is there penalty if I renew the license after the expiration?
11.7 Is it possible to purchase only software update separately without the renewal?
11.8 Can I change options or the number of seats I have when I renew?
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