Time History Analysis Error



I am using the time history function to check vertical accelerations of the deck for a simply supported beam model.

I have applied a Time History Function using dynamic nodal loads and as the bridge is simply supported, I expected the maximum deck accelerations to be at about mid span, but the results I am seeing do now show this.

Please let me know if something is going wrong in the model or if I have inputted something incorrectly.


Thank you for writing to us!
Actually the behavior of the structure under dynamic load depends on many parameters, such as the load magnitude, loading interval, damping in structure, etc.
For such a high speed train, the accelerations is varying much more in different parts of the structure.
The behaviours as you are expecting might be available at low speeds, but not at high speeds. This behavior for high speed load is acceptable. On applying higher damping, it can even be noted that the acceleration is higher towards the end of the bridge, which is how it should be.

I hope this clears the doubts. Kindly let us know if further assistance would be required.
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