Moving Load Analysis Filters not working


I updated the Moving Load Analysis Control settings so that the reactions only at a specific support are analyzed (See the structure group named Pier 7 Bottom). However, when I selected this structure group as the only reactions to be analyzed for moving load, all 19 support locations were analyzed. Did I use these functions incorrectly? Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but this model take a very long time to run.

Actually, though the reaction was to be saved just for 1 particular support, the concurrent reaction group details were provided. Hence, it was necessary to calculate the reactions at all the support locations.

It can be noted that if the data for concurrent reaction groups is removed, then the reaction calculations are done for the Pier support only.

Creation date: 10/28/2017 11:50 PM      Updated: 10/29/2017 9:22 AM
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