Tabulating modal displacements


I have a quick and hopefully easy question regarding modal shapes – we are currently having the structure wind tunnel tested, and our sub-contractor requested a nodal output for displacements due to the vibration mode shapes – I propose to give them displacements at each cable location so that they can plot them and understand the characteristics of that mode shape. Do you know of a way of outputting these displacements in a table form? I have tried grouping my nodes and activating records in the results tables, but I can’t get that to work for vibration mode shapes.
Thank you in advance.


As you already know, there can't be absolute displacement for eigenvalue analysis, as there is no load applied for that. However, the eigenvectors could be obtained, which give an idea of relative displacements in the modes. To obtain these in tabulated format, kindly follow the steps below.

3. Go to Results> Results Tables> Vibration Mode Shape

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