Etabs2015 to Midas Gen


What do you know about this the converter?

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Find attached the convertor as requested.

1. Takes only .f2k file. SAFE .f2k file Must generate from SAFE (FILE->EXPORT MODEL-> SAFE .F2K > Check All In Table -> Click OK -> SAVE .f2k)"
2. Works on any version of SAFE.
3. Meshing Should be done by user in GEN
4. Loadings other than DEAD ,LIVE WIND, EARHQUAKE are converted to Gen as OTHER Type Loads
5. Only Standard Boundary Conditions are transferred. (It will be prompted if no boundary conditions are transferred)
6. All the section in SAFE are treated as User Defined sections in Gen.
7. If no Property/material assigned in SAFE converter will add mark “*” to the end of Property/Material name while writing MGT file.
8. Waffle and Ribbed Slab is transferred as a Plate with thickness considered as minimum slab depth. Further modification must be administered by user for obtaining correct results.
9.Line Springs are ignored.(Point Springs and Area Springs are converted)

1. Rectified material property error for latest ETABs
2. Skips TEMPERAUTE load for latest ETABs
Creation date: 10/31/2017 5:59 AM      Updated: 10/31/2017 3:30 PM
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