Transverse post tensioning


My bridge has transverse post-tensioning at sections over the piers. For this reason, I made dummy beam so that I could define post-tensioning transversely in my beam model of the bridge. As a self check, I made one model without the transverse post-tensioning and one model with the transverse post-tensioning. I wanted to see if this would result in a change to values of my longitudinal prestress forces/moments. Here are the results:

My moments along the longitudinal axis of the bridge with transverse post-tensioning.

My moments along the longitudinal axis of the bridge without transverse post-tensioning

This indicates no change in the longitudinal moments with or without the post-tensioning. Can you please let me know what I could be doing wrong, whether that is defining the dummy beam or the post-tensioning? Theoretically, I think the transverse post-tensioning should have an effect on the longitudinal forces and moments.


Answer:Dear User,

Transverse prestressing is not possible for line elements in midas civil.
The method you have worked out, would not be appropriate behavior, since the forces get transferred directly to the piers not affecting the pier cap in longitudinal direction.

Hence you may consider using midas FEA to analyze the same.
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