Does Boundary Change Assignment works for Construction stages? 


Boundary change Assignment is supported after the construction stage and not within the construction stage. If you want to change the boundary within the construction stages, Use Boundary tab while defining the Construction stages

Let's say we have defined a boundary group CS1_Boundary and it is activated in construction stage 1 and we want to change the boundary conditions as defined in CS_2_Boundary group for construction stage 2.

For this, we add CS_2_Boundary in activation tab and we add CS1_Boundary in deactivation tab as shown in the figure below. This will change the boundary conditions from CS_1_Boundary to CS_2_Boundary for construction stage 2.

Here the options deformed and original can be interpreted as follows: 

Original: Apply the boundary condition to the undeformed position. This is equivalent to imposing forced displacements to the original position prior to providing the supports.

Deformed: Apply the boundary condition to the deformed position.
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