Can I design a grillage model with RC & PSC beams in one model file?

For Grillage model analysis, we typically do not need reinforcement data for RC beams, but prestressing data is required for pre-tensioned beams. Slabs can be modeled using transverse beams. Furthermore, all these mixed RC and PSC data can be specified in one model.

We get demands from the analysis, and the capacity of the particular RC member or PSC member needs to be calculated in the design. Reinforcement data is required in the design. Then we make sure that Demand is less than < Capacity of the member under consideration.
For design in Midas Civil, we can use different design feature. RC-design feature - for RC members. PSC-tab > for PSC member design.
Creation date: 11/8/2017 4:07 AM      Updated: 6/19/2023 12:41 PM