Analysis with varying Gwound water excavation and Error message during analysis


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I have come across a tutorial where the excavation is done for staged construction, however in this tutorial the ground water levels were not considered. I would like to know what are the steps that need to be taken if we are considering dewatering at the dredging/excavating zone considering deqatering at the site.I have assumed that the water level varies and carried out the analysis but I am not certain if this method I have implied is correct. I am also unclear on how you can prescribe a strut in to the model and have applied as per what I believ is acurate. Please calrrify if the method of modeling is coorect and if not I would be greatful for your assistance.
Additionally I got an error message during anlaysis stating that warning DZ DOF maybe singular. May I know what is the reason for this and how I can rectify it.

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Apologies for the delay in reply.

1) First of all regarding the definition of water approach is correct where you can select the curves to define water level definition as shown.

2) For definition of the struts you can either define it as horizontal truss element as defined or at times restraint the node location on the wall for horizontal direction. But as mentioned, truss elements stiffness needs to be considered and is better and accurate approach.

Reason for error:

The reason for singularity error is because of the truss elements sharing nodes with the ground nodes which gets deactivated in the construction stage sequence leading to error. For this you can use create element to create directly the strut as shown independent of ground mesh and please note that you need to provide restraints to other end of truss. Refer to the video attached.

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