Midas Gen modelling consents


1. Can node to node measurement be done?
2. Modifying concrete element rebar data doesn't work (effect not seen after design, but parameters are input.
3. How to measure the actual deflection of elements not "deformation". Deflection value is different from deformation value from design result.
4. Domains and sub-domains are created already but system automatically creates extra each time plate is created, how do I make new plate created to be part of created domain or sub-domain.
5. Is it possible to model load bearing walls in Midas Gen?
6. Is it possible to validate Midas Gen model? 


1. To get the distance between two nodes, select Query Nodes >Click the two nodes > check the message window.

2&3. Please send the model file with a more detailed description (eg element number).

4. You can edit the domain for new plate. Go to the domain properties, enter the new plate number and click the modify.

5. Could you explain the purpose of the wall in detail?

6. Verification is the responsibility of the engineer. If you have any errors, please let us know, and we will check it.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Jihong Hwang

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