Moving the fload load and floor


While doing the modelling and I have duplicate the story floor including assigning the floor load, i realized that i make a mistake by having less one story. How can i duplicate the story floor to another floor level in between of other floor level? I try to use the move function but then the assigned floor load doesn't move together with the story floor. 


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You can duplicate the story using the translate elements with copy option. And there is copy element attributes option like below image. However, in case of floor load, it is difficult to copy it with elements because floor load does not included in this option. And after copying the elements, you should merge the nodes which is overlapped.
If the duplicated story has different height, please move the nodes and then merge the nodes which is overlapped.
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Thats mean i cannot duplicate the building attribute to another story? using move option? However when i delete the entire floor and beam, the floor area load is not deleted? How to solve this issue?


You can copy attribute of the elements by selecting items in attributes option dialog. Check on the icon and select the items which you want to copy.

In case of floor load, it will be delete if you delete the nodes which you select in assign floor load step not the elements. Or you can delete the load information in the table, and tree menu. I would like to recommend you to delete the load information in tree menu using right-mouse. Because it will be easier to delete the information of model in tree menu.

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Jihong Hwang
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