RC Beam Torsion Design and Side Bars Provision


Hi Midas Support Team,

I am modelling a simple 3+Attic landed house with RC frame and I have the following issues:

1. I have checked the "Torsion" check and noted that side bars have been provided for all the RC beams even when the torsional moment are insignificant (i.e. less than 5kNm) and where slabs are on both sides of the beam. Are there any function where we can set the torsional moment limits where torsion design / reinforcement provisions will be activated instead of them being provided for all the RC beams?

2. Is there an interactive function where I can change the reinforcements to be provided for the beams/columns and check that the amended reinforcements are adequate? Currently, in Midas Gen, I can use the "Modify Beam Rebar Data" to change the details but I am unable to see if the new provisions are adequate unless I run the RC Beam Check again. Alternatively, I can amend the reinforcement details in Midas DrawingShop where I can see the required steel reinforcements - however, I cannot re-run the model to ensure that the provisions / amendments are adequate.

Kindly advise. Thanks!


1. There is no function for the torsional moment limits. However, as an alternative, you can adjust the moment of the elements by using Section stiffness Scale Factor via Properties > Scale Factor > Section Stiffness Scale Factor like a below image.

2. If you modify the rebar data, previous design result will be removed. Therefore, after re-checking the elements, you can see whether the amendments are adequate or not.
In case of midas DrawingShop, datas will be imported after design checking in midas Gen. And then, generally, drawing files are modified due to the addition of reinforcing bars. If so, double-check is not needed for this data in midas Gen, because it is a reinforcement for the OK design result. (For data, it is exportable from Gen into Dshop, but not from Dshop into Gen.)
Thank you.

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Jihong Hwang
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