Extremely large displacement values


extremely large displacement computed from the Ground model. I expected values to be in mm and not in tens of m as analysed by the programme. We have tried everything possible to figure out why this is the case but no solution yet.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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See my remark and correct your model.

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Thanks very much in deed for the quick response - really impressed.
Could you please explain what wrong BC stands for or why the support set highlighted is wrong in the model.

in addition, the model does not allow for generation of a new mesh between the linings in the west tunnel - advising that this already exist. please see attached.

Could you also confirm if negative (-) displacement implies movement out of the tunnel and positive, movement into the tunnel.


Hi Piotr,

As a follow up to my concerns below, I have removed the western tunnel from the model and made the amendment as advised - still the displacements are too large!

Please see the attached files.


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For this stage for example:
You are adding lining. Lining does not have any constraints.
This is why the displacement is so high.


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FA4_- 05.3.2018 -Tunnel Geometry - both Lines loaded (5).stb
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FA4_- 05.3.2018 -Tunnel Geometry - both Lines loaded 9.3.18-2x.stb
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