diaphragm disconnect and automatic wind calculation


I am currently modelling stories with their actual flexibility (mashed plates)
I defined the story but considered them flexible (assigned do not consider)
I am then applied wind using the midas function
I disconnected several columns from the diaphragm through the diaph disconnect function
When I plot the wind forces I can still see wind forces applied to the disconnected columns.
Is this correct
Shouldn`t midas not consider the columns disconnected from the diaphragm when applying wind?

In the grab attached, you can see the wind applied contemporarily with the diaph disconnect assignment 


Thank you for sending your question.
Auto-generate wind load function is applied for two cases. (1) when you consider the diaphragm on the building, it will be considered. (2) When you create the slab, it will be applied.

Except for those two cases, you should manually apply the wind load with the other function like nodal load, element load, and so on.
Thank you.

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Jihong Hwang
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