Connectivity and off-set of section properties



I am trying to simulate one side of a 6.75m high column timber formwork.

How do I ensure that there is NO moment transfer between ply (plate) to vertical batten and then to horizontal batten?

I need to show each element resting on top of each other i.e. face on face, not center to center. How to do that in section properties?

Please explain/ help.

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To enter the end release conditions (Hinge, Sliding, Roller Joint and Partial Fixity) at both ends of beam elements, Beam End Release can be used via Boundary > Release/Offset > Beam End Release. To release the moment, create pin condition on the i or j-Node.

You can change the section offset in the section properties like below image.

Please refer to the attached file which I did for your needs.
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I don't understand why "dummy" is required. Please explain. Thanks.



It is for the NO moment transfer between ply (plate) to vertical batten. Or you can implement it with Elastic Link function. In the Elastic Link, enter the elastic link between ply (plate) to vertical batten with a sufficiently large value in SDx, SDy, SDz, and SRx like the below image.

Thank you.

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