How should one avoid mistakes when modeling a plan curve using Advanced Curve option in Wizard?


Compound curves can be generated with the wizard. Let me point out the modeling mistakes in the wizard file.
1) IP2 and IP3 are the identical points with the identical coordinates. Only one point must be defined for the identical two points. The same modification should be applied to the point IP5 and IP6.

2) Start Station is the station from which the bridge model is generated. In your wizard, 'Start Station' is less than 'Plan Curve Start Station' and thus, some part of the bridge model falls outside the plan curve. The bridge model cannot be generated beyond the plan curve. So, the start station should be equal to or greater than the plan curve start station.

I have modified the above points and obtained the bridge model successfully as shown below. Please refer to the revised wizard file attached here.
Creation date: 5/10/2018 7:55 AM      Updated: 5/1/2023 5:55 PM
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Bridge-8 v3.mcb
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