ASSHTO LRFD Design of Steel Plate I Girder



Is MIDAS capable of steel design of a plate I girder? I've tried with rolled shape and that works out fine. But when trying to design plate girder using "Steel Girder I", MIDAS won't perform the steel design (please see attached screen shots for the section & design I was trying to use).

Another question is, if the flange & web plates have different steel grade (say grade 70 & 50 respectively), is there a way to design it using LRFD in MIDAS?

Thank you very much for your help!


In midas Civil, the steel design is supported only for the sections defined from the 'DB/User' tab in the Section dialog in which the built-up sections can be defined by the 'User' type as below. Both rolled sections and built-up sections can be designed by the 'Steel Design' function.

As for the hybrid steel sections (different steel grade for flange and web), it is not supported for the steel design. Just in case it is a composite plate girder (steel beam & concrete slab), the hybrid steel sections are supported for the composite girder design.

DK Lee
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