Documentation on nonlinear analysis and P-Delta Analysis


Do you have any proper documentation on how to run nonlinear analysis and p-delta analysis using midas GEN2018?


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I've attached the materials for "Pushover analysis" and "P-delta analysis". Also you can get the materials of midas Gen in the installation folder via C:\Program Files\MIDAS\midas Gen\Manual\Tutorials. And you can easily find information about the Midas program at On the main page, enter the the keyword and click the magnifying glass icon as shown below.

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Additionally, to perform the geometric nonlinear analysis, go to the Analysis > Nonlinear > check on the Geometry Nonlinear > set the Iteration Method.

For the more detail explanation of Nonlinear Analysis Control dialog, please refer to the following link.

And also you can get the principle of geometric nonlinear analysis in analysis manual via C:\Program Files\MIDAS\midas Gen\Manual\Analysis Manual.
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