One-way shear check


Hi all,

a customer of ours noticed that Midas gives different results in the One-way shear check of Slab shear checking of ASWD.

Please consider the model attached.

I tried to ask the one-way shear along a continuos line (Continua) and after that for the same line but in two parts (1/2 and 2/2).

This is the results for "Continua":

And this for 1/2+2/2:

You can note that there is difference.

Can you help us please?

Thank you very much.
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Thank you for your patience.
The reason why the two lines have different values is that the shear check is executed for the critical load case corresponding to each cutting line. For continua cutting line, LCB no.238 is the most unfavorable load case, and for the 2/2 line, LCB no.432 is the most unfavorable load case.

Thank you.

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Jihong Hwang
Creation date: 7/24/2018 10:24 PM      Updated: 7/25/2018 7:55 AM
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