MIDAS Soilworks - Seep Module


There's no specific tutorial for the seep model, only use of it in stability checks as an 'add-on'. I also can't find a manual or handbook describing the input/output. These are poorly defined within the software - for example, what equations are used to produce the van genutchen estimations etc.

Furthermore, once boundaries etc are applied, are they editable as opposed to having to delete and redraw?

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Volumetric Water Content Function has been described in following manual:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MIDAS\SoilWorks\Manual\Analysis Manual\Part1_Constitutive models.pdf p. 81

Input is described in Online help.
If you are looking for specific output description please let me know.

Boundaries can be edited according to values and related attributes.
If you want to change location of application (Object: curve or point), it cannot be edited and you have to delete and re-define BC. -> When defined on Geometry
When specific BC is define on Node directly, the it is possible to change, but informtion about ID of the node has to be known before.
-> Object Information -> Object information

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