To Model a Transfer Beam which support Walls above


Refer to .mgb file “2-Beam to Support Wall”:
a) A simple model is created to simulate the transfer beam which supports the RC wall above.
It is found that the load applied on top of RC wall together with the wall selfweight, is not transferred as UDL onto the
beam than to the supports at ends of beam. The load is found directly transferred into the supports.

b) Meshing of the wall in attempt to distribute the loading similar to UDL does not give the desired beam forces (especially moment).
Is the meshing in the model done correctly in order to simulate the transfer beam which support a RC wall above?

c) Is there any recommended way to model a transfer beams which support RC walls above?

d) The same problem occur to .mgb file “1-Typical Unit with Partition Wall on Slab” in which a transfer beams are intended to modelled
to support RC walls above. (Refer to “Transfer Floor.dwg” drawing for the transfer floor layout which is model in
.mgb file “1-Typical Unit with Partition Wall on Slab”. 


The loads are distributed through the nodes. Thus, if the beam is not divided, the member force is generated at ends of beams. In other words, the more the beam element is divided, the more nodes that are shared with the wall and the load is evenly distributed.
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Creation date: 7/24/2018 10:18 PM      Updated: 7/25/2018 7:48 AM
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