Wizard Issue when making changes to the model


We have already modeled the bridge in the wizard and then added the straddle pier; see attached model image. We are having problems making any modifications to the model using the wizard (such as beam sections, bracing spacing, etc...). We would like to use the wizard again to make changes to the model after the initial wizard setup and post changes; like the straddle pier. We have been able to use the wizard multiple times in the same model after making manual changes in other software like CSiBridge. Unfortunately, we are getting an error in MIDAS when trying to make changes using the wizard after initial setup; see attached error image. We have deleted all the loads and load cases in the model but still receive this error when trying to use the wizard for a 2nd time. What can we do to be able to make changes thru the wizard after the initial model has been setup. Thanks...


Regretfully, the modification by wizard is not supported. Any modifications should be done manually once a model is generated by wizard or you can create a model again by wizard after deleting all created by wizard, which can be done simply by clicking undo. According to the developer, it is not possible to modify a model by wizard in an element-based software like midas Civil. Object-based software can do it.

DK Lee
Creation date: 6/20/2018 8:21 PM      Updated: 6/21/2018 5:52 AM