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I'm writing to point out the fact the Online manual for Civil is out-of-date by quite a lot.
We are trying to define a model by using the MCT command shell, but at every other step we come over a command or part of a command that is either not explained properly or totally non-existent in the Online help.

To give you an example, the *SECTION part of MCT has changed drastically in the latest versions and the online help doesn't cover a big chunk of it. For example, for Tapered PSC-Value type sections, the coordinates for OPOLI are counter-clockwise, whilst IPOLI are clock-wise. bBU, bEQ are not explained at all. These are important details that need to be stated in the online help and are causing us the waste of many hours trying to figure out all the gaps that are in the manual.

Could I please get an update on when is the online manual going to be brought up to date?

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I admit we have not updated the manual about the mct command for a long time. I expect that it is going to be a big job. However, I have never referred to the manual when I define a model using the MCT command shell. Here is how I usually did, for example, for the tapered PSC-Value type section.

1. Define a tapered PSC-Value type section using section dialog.
- I-end - J-end

- Tapered

2. Export it to MCT file.

3. Compare the section dialog and mct file to find the meaning of values.

Please try as explained above.

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