How can I save runtime while performing Moving Load Analysis?


The number of combinations to be considered is exponentially increased with the maximum number of lanes. The moving load analysis in midas Civil is performed based on the influence line analysis. You can save some run time as follows:
1. The 'Calculation Filter' option. For example, you can check off 'Displacements', which will reduce a lot of run time.
2. The 'Influence Generation Method' option. You can reduce the number of positions to which wheel loads are applied. It can reduce run time but the accuracy of results can be decreased as well.
3. The 'Analysis Results' option. The 'Normal+Concurrent Force/Stress' option calculates concurrent forces, i.e. moment and corresponding shear, shear and corresponding moment. However, the 'Normal' option only calculates maximum/minimum forces without considering simultaneity of forces, which leads to reduced run time.

4. You can control the number of processing cores a shown below.
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