Plate Analysis Output


How to read the plate analysis output of plate
a) Shall the plate output force - Moment following Global axis or local axis of element?
b) How identify Plate Top Moment or Plate Bottom Moment or Positive moment (rotation clockwise)?


1)How to read the plate moment from MIDAS. Shall the Moment Myy shown was in Global Axis or Local Axis?

By selection the Plate Force Options, you can check the moment in local axis and UCS. If you want to check the moment in Global axis, please set the UCS as Global axis. For the more detailed expiation of those options, please refer to the following online manual link.,Moments.htm

2) How to identify whether the moment shown was top moment or bottom moment
In the analysis step, the member forces are printed in one value. In other words, it is not divided into top and bottom. In the design step, the moment will be divided into top and bottom as axial forces to place the reinforcements.

3) If following local axis, how to identify the top or bottom, by Positive moment (clockwise) or otherwise,
Same answer as # 2

4) How about shear output
Shear forces are confirmed checking on Vxx, Vyy. And the principle is same as above.

5) Shall inconsistent local axis element effect the output and the moment shown in below:
As you can see the image below, the outputs are changed as per the local axis.

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