SV loading to BD 86/11


I am trying to complete an SV rating for the bridge using the Reserve Factors in accordance with BD 86/11 clause 3.45. As part of the BD I have to extract the flexure/shear assessment values for the HA and SV80 independently. However, when I run the Moving Load Tracer for the HA/SV80 using the ‘Auto Live Load Combination’, I can only extract the MV as one static load.. I need to extract the HA load and the SV load separately, to then have two static loads which have the HA and SV loaded individual but in the correct arrangements. How can this be done?

Your quick reply will be greatly appreciated as the project has a tight deadline.


It would be difficult to separate the HA load and the SV load into two static load cases from the Moving Load Tracer. It would be better to make two moving load cases, i.e. one for the HA load and the other for the SV load.

DK Lee

Hi DK Lee,

For your reference we did manage a work around. We were able to create ML case (1) with SV load and HA load, then ML case (2) with SV load and HA load with lane factors set to 0. Then can separate the associated HA from the SV load case model by doing:

S = ML case (2)
Sha = ML case (1) - ML case (2)

It is long winded, but it works. In future updates it would be prudent to have this method within the software. Seeing as you can load the model in accordance with BD 86/11, but can not produce results in accordance with BD 86/11.


What a brilliant idea! Thanks a lot. We will consider this for the future development.

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