How do we separate the wearing coat load and crash barrier load effect from the dead load? 


I have a model of a bridge created using the Steel Composite Bridge Wizard. WIthin the model, I have construction staging defined. The user manual says that all loads that are to be considered in the Construction Stage Analysis have to have a Load Type of "Construction Stage Load (CS)". On the Load Combinations screen, all of the different dead loads (deck, self-weight, wearing surface, utilities, etc.) are lumped together under one load case called Dead Load (CS). However, some of these are DC loads (deck, girder, etc.), and others are DW loads (wearing surface and utilities), and therefore need different load factors. How do I separate the DC Construction Stage Loads from the DW Construction Stage Loads to properly define the load combinations?


It seems that you already know my answer. I opened your model file and found that the 'Barrier' and 'Wearing Surface & Utility' load cases are separately defined as 'Erection Load 1' and 'Erection Load 2' respectively.

After analysis, CS: Erection Load 1 and CS: Erection Load 2 are generated.

In this way, you can apply different load factors to Erection Load 1(CS) and Erection Load 1(CS) from dead load (CS).

DK Lee
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