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Hello, I've noticed a few bugs that I'm not sure that you're aware of when it comes to creating an excel PSC design report. 

First, when running the report, the program usually stops running if I open another spreadsheet at the same time. Since the reports take VERY long to run (30+ minutes for a single line model), I am usually wanting to do other work while the program runs. Well, you can't open excel while Midas is creating an excel report or it crashes. 

Also, it doesn't appear that you can just have the program do the excel sheet for just one element. It appears that it wants to do all of the elements every time. I have - which nobody has time for.

Also, does the program actually use the clipboard to paste information from Midas into the excel report? I noticed this when I tried to copy and paste something else into another file while it is running and pieces of the excel PSC design sheet pasted in. 

Also, for some reason, when running the excel report tools - it wants to open Microsoft one drive. Have you heard of this problem before?

Also, the technical support website doesn't work properly with google chrome browser. When you fill in the information to submit a ticket and click submit - it often just resets the page without submitting the ticket. I have lost several hours having to retype everything and resubmit these tickets, only to find that it works in another browser. Windows explorer usually works. Obviously, now that I know that this issue exists, its no longer a problem for me (other than that I prefer to use google chrome, however for others it might be frustrating.



  • We haven't received complaints about software crashing due to using other excel file yet.  
  • We can have the program do excel sheet for just an element.  We need to select the output position and only for those positions, the excel file would be generated.
  • Yes, program uses the clipboard to paste and write information in excel.
  • One drive issue also hasn't been reported by any other users as of now.
  • We can use chrome at our end to post a ticket, but I do agree that some of the users have faced this issue.  We'll update our service provider about this issue.
I'll inform the developers about these issues.  Kindly let us know if further assistance would be required.

Technical Manager, MIDAS

Thanks for the quick response.

Just to confirm - when running the excel report, you cannot open another excel file or the report stops, Midas crashes, and anything else you might have been working on in excel closes. (without saving)   :(


I'll report this unusual behavior.  Sorry about the difficulty its causing!
However, it doesn't take long to generate report for a couple of members (Say 5 positions) on the system, right?  Personally, I use that time to get some coffee... :P
Kindly let me know if the system takes time even in generating report for some members.  I'll ask our developers to further optimize the process.
Thank you for your suggestions!

Technical Manager, MIDAS
Creation date: 10/17/2018 11:05 PM (dklee@midasit.com)      Updated: 10/18/2018 8:36 AM (dklee@midasit.com)
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