Composite Girder Design (Constructability Check)



I'm designing a Composite steel girder bridge, I wonder how can I add a wind load as a lateral bending stress in a Constructability check? I can see stress due to steel weight and overhang loads. (I'm using case 3 methodology so I did not define the construction staging)

My second question is I cannot see the excel report for bearing stiffeners. I can see the design report table but not the excel report.

I have attached my model for your consideration.




I am very sorry we couldn't get back to you before.  The issue is being looked into by our development team.
I'll update once I have a response from them.

Technical Manager, MIDAS


Sorry about the delay on this.  We have a response from the development team.
To incorporate wind load in constructability:
1)  Add the relevant wind load case to pre-composite loads
2)  Add the load case to the relevant load combinations and perform the design.

About the bearing stiffener check, that issue has  been rectified by means of a patch
Patch Link:
To apply the patch, please follow the steps below:
1) Download the patch by Clicking on above patch link
2) Extract the content of the file
3) Paste them at the location where midas Civil is installed. Default location is - C:\Program Files\ MIDAS\midas Civil
4) When prompted to replace existing files, please click yes
5) Restart computer, Done!

Kindly let us know if further assistance would be required.  Once again, sorry for the overall delay on this issue.

Technical Manager, MIDAS
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