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Hello, Please see the screenshot below. Why are there rows missing? Are these rows for tension? Also, got clarification in a previous email that the numbers that are negative on the compression line actually are in tension. If this is the case, why wouldn't they just be on the line below compression - for tension? (Example: line 20J shows that the element's compressive stress at FBL is -0.0779 ksi. When running the table, both tension and compression were selected, that fact that you don't see tension anywhere is making this table confusing to read.



Kindly refer the image below.
Kindly define service limit 3 combinations and assign them for stress check.  With that done, the tensile stress limit should be visible.  Do let us know if further assistance would be required.

Technical Manager, MIDAS
Creation date: 10/17/2018 10:48 PM      Updated: 10/18/2018 8:18 AM
Roden Crater PT Box @ Abutments Rev01.mcb
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