What can be done to make the elastic links that connect the beams to the pier head appear in the composite stage analysis (CSA) of a model? The model was running smoothly at the beginning, but after adding CSA and composite stage analysis, it gives the error message "ERROR NORM IS NaN or INFINITE." It was discovered that the elastic links are not appearing in the stages, causing large node movements. Can you provide any suggestions for resolving this issue?


 Kindly refer the image below.
Also, the age of the elements activated in first stage was 0 days.  That isn't right.  I propose modifying it as shown below.

Moreover, the free DOF of elastic links should be given nominal values like 10kN-m to avoid abnormal deformations.  Once this is done, the behavior would be as expected.  The modified model is attached for review.  Kindly let us know if further assistance would be required.

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