During my construction stage analysis, I noticed discrepancies in the maturity of the concrete and the Young's modulus, which is not changing over time. Could you please review the information provided below and assist me in identifying the issue?


I examined the Young's modulus of concrete at CS1-0 and CS11-0, and found the following two problems:

(1) The maturity of the concrete is wrong when I look from Results > Results Table > Construction Stage > Element Properties at Each Stage

    +  The time lasted along the progressing of the construction is not added into the concrete age

        Only the initial age and the time load for construction stage at Stage 10a when the component is added is included, and sometimes it's wrong. I define 4 days of age when a segment is to be added into the structure.

    +  start age is negative (-3 days) 

 Please look at the attached screen shots for the results at the two steps I mentioned above.

(2) The Young's modulus does not vary according to the time, even though I defined the time dependent parameters using CEB-FIP 2010 using Materials > Time dependent materials and made the material link.

      The Young's modulus seems to be the same ones as I entered for the concrete material definition for concrete at 28 days.

      The window form to view Young's modulus varying with the construction staging seems not stable: it randomly give me some maturity age when I open this windows. Sometimes, it shows different values for the same construction stage. I am confused about this problem.

I attached the data file and the screen shots in the attachment, please examine them and help me find the problem.


Kindly refer the image below.
When this option is checked off, modulus of elasticity defined in material property is used.  Similarly, duration wouldn't have any effect in construction stage.  Just turn on the option highlighted above and the results are as expected.

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Staging Construction - with 60 days time load for construction stage for P1.mcb
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