Duplicate water level in ground module


Good afternoon,

I am having problems running sequential stress-seepage model within the ground module whilst using the inputted data from a transient seepage analysis. If I run a single stress seepage analysis for a single time step, there is no problem, however, when I want to add multiple time steps to a single analysis I am receiving the error:

'E2401: Water level is defined in duplicate'

Preventing the analysis, as I require hundreds of time steps in my simulations, individually inputting this every time is completely impractical. Is there a solution to this problem?

Also, could you reply back directly to this email if possible.

Many thanks



Could you send to us this model?


Good morning Piotr,

Attached is a model file with the same problem (seepage and stress models included), it is not the same one as shown because Soil works crashes when it is opened for some strange reason.

Many thanks


Soil Works supports semi-coupled analysis which means, single seepage result can be used for analysis.
As it has been figured out by you, giving more than single seepage load results in duplicated water level.

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