Flux Results


In the online manual the flux results are shown in m3/sec/m. This is defined as the total flux at the selected nodes, using the selected nodes to calculate. Why is this in m3/sec/m instead of m3/sec?

Is this referring to a unit flux, whereby it is m3/sec/ 1 metre edge length, and therefore the result needs to be multiplied by the total length of the element edges which contribute to a particular node or set of nodes?

I am looking at a seepage cut-off wall problem, where I want to give an average seepage rate on the other side of the wall in m3/day. I need to therefore understand what the flux results are actually reporting.


Dear Sir,

In SoilWorks we are dealing with plane strain case. This means: for this environment there is a need to define planar thickness (for plane strain case) and this value has been defined to 1m (unit lenght).

Result means: flux rate/unit lenght  => m3/sec/m  (or other depending on unit system)

Piotr Stepien
Creation date: 2/24/2019 8:28 PM      Updated: 2/25/2019 6:58 AM