Is Wizard applying live load?



I created a model using the bridge wizard; and in the wizard 'Load' tab I check the live loads box, define the moving load case to be PENNDOT, define my traffic lanes, and define the vehicles to be Penndot PHL-93 TRK and PHL-93TDM with 1.33 impact factor.  Then I click 'OK' to create the model and then perform the analysis.  Then I can see the static load results, but it seems like the live loads were not applied.  Is there an intermediate step that I need to do between finishing the wizard and performing the analysis to make sure the live loads are applied, or should the wizard automatically apply them?  I also noted that the traffic line lanes and vehicles are in blue text in my tree menu, which means they are not being applied, correct?  I have attached my model and wizard file.

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Actually the wizard generates the traffic line lanes and the vehicles. One more step needs to be done manually to apply the moving load.  Moving load case needs to be created from the lanes and vehicles which are automatically defined.
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