Intermal meshing of beam elements



I am trying to have a beam element intersect with another beam element without dividing the first element into two beams as shown in the figure below. as you can see the longitudinal element are single elements and are not divided where the middle element intersect them. but when I try to run the software it refuses to run and creates errors. and the only way to make it run is when I intersect that element with the longitudinal elements. (or remove it). The problem is now I have 5 elements instead of 3, and this will be part of a big project with hundreds of elements and am trying to reduce the work required.

SAP for example can do internal meshing of the elements and member 1 for example will be something like 1-A , and 1-B before and after the node . but will still be one single element when selected.

Is this option available in MIDAS?

Model is attached.



Hello Yazeed,

In midas Civil, it isn't possible to transfer loads without dividing.
However, you mentioned about work reduction.  Could you elaborate on that?  Because, in midas, though the elements need to be divided, they could be grouped automatically for design if required.
Kindly let us know if further assistance would be required.

Technical Manager, MIDAS
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