How to open Midas Civil 2019 file in Midas Civil version 2018?


First of all, there is no way to save the file as an older version. As a workaround, however, you can do it using mct file. Here are the steps.
1. Export the MCT file from Civil 2019.
2. Run Civil 2018.
3. Execute the Tools>"MCT Command Shell" function.
4. Open the MCT file created in step 1.
5. Hit the "Run" button.
6. Check the error message in the message window.
7. Delete some parts where the error is included because of different format between two versions.
8. Repeat steps 5 ~ 7 until there is no error.
9. Input some deleted data manually.

Creation date: 10/25/2018 8:04 PM      Updated: 9/6/2023 2:16 PM