Transverse reactions from moving load.


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I have got the transverse reactions ,,Fy,, which are obtained from the moving load analysis. 

From my point of view it can't be possible to get it if the bridge is straight and any transverse forces are not inputted from the moving load. I am getting as well the transverse internal forces as bending moment ,, Mz,, and shear force ,,Fy,,. 

Can you give me advice why is it happening at this model. ?

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Hello ,

The reason for the horizontal reaction is the eccentricity of the traffic loads. This causes torsion in the deck which is resisted by bending moments and horizontal reactions in adjacent piers. If you check the MVL Tracer for a given horizontal reactions you will see the distribution of the vehicle loads:

If you export this as a static load you can check the horizontal reactions at the different piers for this load positioning, which shows the coupled horizontal reactions resisting the lateral lean of the loaded pier through torsion of the deck.

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