Settlement Analysis Problem


Dear Harsha,


Attached a file we have created for settlement calculation. Please lets know if anything is not correct or left to be entered. Settlement results seem to be wrong in output of the same.




Hi Sir,


I have gone through the model file and found the following issue.


1.       For the Clays both top and bottom clays in the model, the SPT N value is very high and the value given is 29.



So whenever we are dealing with such type of stiff or hard clays we need to change a command in the analysis control and it is as following,



So please change the value of “SPT N-value of Clayey soil to more than 29” and run the analysis.


2.       In the model “Strength Increase Zone” has been defined. So if we want to find the increase in the strength of the clayey soil after Consolidation, then we need to define the “strength Increase zone”



Please resolve the issue by changing the N-value in the Control panel and get back to us in case of further assistance.



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