Modelling of single pile in Midas GTS



For the modelling of a single pile in MIDAS by means of Pile Beam Elements, how is the interaction with the adjacent ground considered?




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You can use pile interface for interaction with the adjacent ground consideration.

You can refer "how to create the interface for pile and retaining wall" to attachment.

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Choi, Youngho
MIDAS Global Technical Center

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Please see below a more detailed version of the query:


  • A ‘pile beam element’ is created by applying a ‘pile/pile tip element’ function. No interface is supposedly required when creating such element. The question is: how does this element interact with the adjacent ground? If the way the pile behaves is set in stone depending on the load-displacement curve input, what difference does the adjacent ground make? Does it simply deform with the pile without restraining it?

  • Also, the ‘function’ tool in ‘pile tip’ appears to be broken, as we did not manage to get it to work.


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1) For the pile element, you can refer to user manual, F1 key from your GTS NX, searching with the word "pile" as you can see below,
    You can find how to model it and how to interact with the adjacent ground from this category. 


 2) Can you give us more detail likes screenshot for this problem "appears to be broken".


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Choi, Youngho

MIDAS Global Technical Center

Hi Youngho,

Please see our response on 2).

In the user manual (Chapter 4, Section 1.8) it states that a non-spatial displacement vs force/length function should be used to define the spring stiffness function at the pile tip. However, please see attached screenshot where a displacement vs force/length function has been input but the pile tip property will not reference it.

In a similar vein, I have found that if I try to use a displacement force function instead, it will be referenced by the pile tip property but, no base resistance will be mobilised when the model is run.

I have attached the model with the two functions described for you to see for yourself.




There is mistake inside manual 1.8 section.
 This "tip" word should be removed and it will be corrected in next release.

Second issue:

Please try to use function with minus sign.

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