What steps can be taken to display the defined vehicular lanes and resolve the issue of analysis not running?


While doing an analysis of the cable-stayed bridge model with the vehicular load. 4 lanes were created but Lanes L1 and L2 cannot be displayed. New load models and load cases were added  Then there is no reaction when Perform Analysis button is pressed. What steps should be taken to solve these issues? please find the Model Attached.


The reason for the lanes to not be visible is that they do not intersect the beams in the crossbeam group. There is an error for this in the Message Window:

The reason for this is the eccentricity assigned to the lanes considering the direction in which they have been defined (left to right or right to left). It seems you have defined L1 and L2 right to left, and you have assigned positive eccentricity. This will send the lane outside of the deck/crossbeams.

Please revise your lanes to make sure that the lanes are in the right position and intersect the crossbeam elements specified in the crossbeam group for vehicular load distribution and the model will run successfully.

Creation date: 3/9/2019 1:35 PM      Updated: 5/15/2023 9:50 AM
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