Why does MIDAS Civil not use CUDA despite enabled on graphics card?


When I run a linear analysis, it informs me that graphics acceleration via CUDA is not enabled. I've already confirmed the following: 
1. Enabled graphics acceleration in the analysis options
2. Selected MIDAS Civil in Nvidia Control panel to always run using the graphics card.

Note that I am using an Nvidia Quadro M1200 graphics card which has CUDA support. As a result, my CPU is doing all of the processing and makes no use of the graphics card. Is there any way to make better use of the graphics card?


The Nvidia Quadro graphics card is not supported by the software, hence it doesn't make use of it. The graphics card supported by the software is every Nvidia card with Double-precision performance more then 1TFlops. For Example Kepler series & Tesla series Nvidia. K20, K40,

We are also attaching a document explaining the hardware optimization for the software.

Creation date: 10/14/2019 7:41 AM      Updated: 9/7/2023 3:51 PM
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