How can I create multilinear springs quickly from an excel sheet in Midas? I'm currently manually creating the springs using a table, which is time-consuming, especially when I need to update the values or switch between lower and upper bounds. Would having twice as many compression-only springs be a viable workaround to copy into the Midas Point Springs Support tables? I have 4 different pile types and approximately 10 meters deep, with springs at every 1 meter, so there are around 40 different spring values.



I would like to introduce using MCT Command shell. I wish you catch an idea from the approach.

1) I created one force-deformation function as like you.

2) And I moved to the MCT Command Shell in Tools menu.

3) And I found *FORCES-DEFORMATION FUNCTION and click 'Insert Data'. Here, some texts including *, ; are the command for running function in midasCivil. Other text are inputted value now. As you can see, I already created the function so the function is shown as the texts.

4) In order to input more data, you just copy data value and modify it.

5) In other hands, you can manage texts in the excel. Please have a look at the attachment. I've attached some example.

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Example for MCT.xlsx
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