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I have a client who needs to run concrete crack analysis but also needs to do load combinations for live(moving) load. I let the engineer know that midas FEA-NX is the best program for concrete crack analysis but it does not have load combination capability. I also let him know that he needs to use both midas Civil and medias FEA-NX to do it. Now, he has question "how" he can achieve it using both programs. I would appreciate if you can answer his question. Thank you very much.

Hope, here is my Question:

Since load combinations are created by “Civil” software. The output (may be 6 combinations among strength and serviceability combinations). To run the FEA program and implement load from the saved load combinations (run from Midas-Civil):

  1. Do I still need to have access to MIDAS-Civil while analyzing on Midas-FEA or
  2. Midas-FEA will read the loads from output of Midas-Civil without having access to Midas-Civil?

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We believe the client requires to run crack propagation analysis while also considering the demand due to the moving load using the load combinations.We would suggest applying the critical moving load positions as static load in FEA NX itself. Since crack analysis and moving load analysis are both independent analysis.
Hence if we want to perform the crack analysis using the load combinations, then we would have manually applied those loads in midas FEA NX. Then these individual static load cases can be combined under combination load set and the cracked analysis could be performed.

Hope this helps!

B Swapnil Agarwal
Technical Support Engineer

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