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I am helping with the design of a bridge subject to dynamic loading with potential resonance.
I've got a licence for installed Midas Gen, but I have now realised previous work was done in Midas Civil, which I simply did not realize were separate programs. It's taken a week to get a licence for Midas gen and get it installed. I really don't want to have to start over.

1) can I open the midas civ model in Midas Gen, just for model inspection and property verification? There is an exsiting guide linked below, but it seems invalid.
2) If 1 ispossible, can I carry out a dynamic load response check in Midas Gen, or do I need Midas Civil to do this?

The advice for opening an mcb file in Midas Gen given here: https://globalsupport.midasuser.com/helpdesk/KB/View/15521645-import-mct-file-which-is-midas-civil-in-the-midas-gen does not appear to work (as the ticket poster there says, the mgt file is empty, so the adivse cannot be followed.)



Thanks for getting in touch.
Frankly speaking, the software code for gen & civil are quite similar.  Hence, a civil file can be checked in gen.  However, there are a few differences.  Like Gen doesn't support composite sections or that it may not have all the moving loads.
To import as much data as possible, following needs to be done:
1)  Obtain the mct file of the midas Civil model.  This can be done by opening the model in midas Civil and exporting to an MCT file.
2)  Open midas Gen.  Go to Tools> MGT Command Shell.
3)  Copy one complete command from mct file and paste it in MGT Command Shell.  Kindly refer to the detailed steps in the image shared below.

So, as mentioned, some of the lines might need to be deleted, leading to some data loss.  But this data loss would be mainly pertaining to generating the properties.  Element point of view, the capabilities are similar and dynamic analysis can be performed in midas Gen as well.
Kindly try generating the model as indicated above and do let us know if further assistance would be required.

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